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Granville Redmond Trees by a Meadow Stream oil painting reproduction

Trees by a Meadow Stream
mk51 1909 Oil on canvas 22x26inches
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Granville Redmond
1871-1935 Granville attended the Berkeley School for the Deaf (later the California School for the Deaf) from 1879 to 1890 where his artistic talents were recognized and encouraged. There his teacher Theophilus d'Estrella taught him painting, drawing and pantomime. When he graduated from CSD, Redmond enrolled at another CSD: the California School of Design in San Francisco, where he worked for three years with teachers such as Arthur Matthews and Amedee Joullion. He famously won the W. E. Brown Medal of Excellence. He associated with many other artists, including Gottardo Piazzoni and Giuseppe Cadenasso. Piazzoni learned American Sign Language and he and Redmond were lifelong friends. They lived together in Parkfield, California, and Tiburon. 1893 saw Redmond win a scholarship from California School of the Deaf and from the School of Design, which made it possible for him to study in Paris at the Academie Julian under teachers Jean-Paul Laurens and Benjamin Constant. At the Academie Julian, he roomed with sculptor Douglas Tilden, famous deaf sculptor and another graduate of the California School for the Deaf. In 1895 in Paris his painting Matin d'Hiver, was accepted for the Paris Salon.
Trees by a Meadow Stream
mk51 1909 Oil on canvas 22x26inches

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