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All Giuseppe Bottani Oil Paintings

Giuseppe Bottani Lady like oil painting reproduction

Lady like
mk261 Naples years 1755-1765 oil on canvas 82 x 64.5 cm
new20/Giuseppe Bottani-529429.jpgPainting ID::  58471



All Giuseppe Bazzani Oil Paintings

Giuseppe Bazzani Lady like oil painting reproduction

Lady like
mk261 Florence 1821 oil on canvas 98.5 x 77 cm
new20/Giuseppe Bazzani-963595.jpgPainting ID::  58482



Giuseppe Bazzani
Italian Baroque Era Painter, 1690-1769 was an Italian painter of the Rococo. Born in Mantua to a goldsmith, Giovanni Bazzani, early on he apprenticed with the Parmesan painter Giovanni Canti (1653-1715). A fellow pupil was Francesco Maria Raineri. He spent most of his life in Mantua. From 1752, he was faculty, and from 1767, director of the Accademia di Belle Arti of Mantua. While esconced in a declining provincial city, he absorbed international influences. His loose brushstrokes, fervid often dark emotionalism, and tortured poses, which recall at times later expressionism, display stylistic tendencies more typical of Lombardy. Numerous artists, including Fetti, Bencovich, Rubens, and Magnasco are said to have influenced him, although the number and diversity of the artists suggested hints that he had an idiosyncratic and unique synthesis for his time. Among his early works are paintings of the Miracles of Pius V, the Conversion of a Heretic and the Healing of a Madwoman
Lady like
mk261 Florence 1821 oil on canvas 98.5 x 77 cm

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