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Georges Seurat The Harbour at Honfleur oil painting reproduction

The Harbour at Honfleur
mk235 1886 Oil onc anvas 79.5x63cm
new19/Georges Seurat-278288.jpgPainting ID::  54130



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Charles-Francois Daubigny The Harbour at Honfleur oil painting reproduction

The Harbour at Honfleur
19th century Oil on canvas
new22/Charles-Francois Daubigny-874744.jpgPainting ID::  66302



Charles-Francois Daubigny
French Barbizon School Painter, 1817-1878 was one of the painters of the Barbizon school, and is considered an important precursor of Impressionism. Daubigny was born into a family of painters and was taught the art by his father Edmond François Daubigny and his uncle, miniaturist Pierre Daubigny. Initially Daubigny painted in a traditional style, but this changed after 1843 when he settled in Barbizon to work outside in nature. Even more important was his meeting with Camille Corot in 1852 in Optevoz (Is??re). On his famous boat Botin, which he had turned into a studio, he painted along the Seine and Oise, often in the region around Auvers. From 1852 onward he came under the influence of Gustave Courbet. In 1866 Daubigny visited England, eventually returning because of the Franco-Prussian war in 1870. In London he met Claude Monet, and together they left for the Netherlands. Back in Auvers, he met Paul Cezanne, another important impressionist.
The Harbour at Honfleur
19th century Oil on canvas

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