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Georges Clairin The Burning of the Tuileries oil painting reproduction

The Burning of the Tuileries
1871 1' 7'' x 2' 7'' (48 x 79 cm)
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Georges Clairin
French Painter, 1843-1919 .French painter. In 1861 he entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he studied with Fran?ois Picot and Isidore Pils. He sent the first of many contributions to the Salon in 1866, an Episode of a Conscript of 1813 . By 1868 he had joined the painter Henri Regnault in a visit to Spain, where he was evidently impressed by Moorish architecture and influenced by the Spanish Orientalist painter Mariano Fortuny y Marsal; Clairin's Volunteers of Liberty: Episode from the Spanish Revolution was exhibited at the Salon of 1869
The Burning of the Tuileries
1871 1' 7'' x 2' 7'' (48 x 79 cm)

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