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Emile Schuffenecker Rocks at Yport oil painting reproduction

Rocks at Yport
1889(1889) Oil on canvas 81.5 X 59.5 cm (32.09 X 23.43 in) cjr
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Emile Schuffenecker
French Post-Impressionist Painter, 1851-1934 French painter. In 1871 he entered the stockbroking firm of Bertin, where he met Paul Gauguin who was also employed there. In his spare time he took drawing classes and studied with Paul Baudry and Carolus-Duran, making his debut at the Salon in 1874. He also became acquainted with Armand Guillaumin and Camille Pissarro. Following the stock market crash of 1882, he, like Gauguin, was forced to leave Bertin and gained a job teaching art at the Lycee Michelet in Vanves. In 1884 he was one of the co-founders of the Salon des Independants and took part in the 8th and last Impressionist Exhibition in 1886, the year in which he also met Emile Bernard in Concarneau and sent him on to see Gauguin, thus initiating their joint development of CLOISONNISM. Though he mixed with the members of the Pont-Aven group his own artistic tastes were very different. While Gauguin and his disciples had little more than contempt for Neo-Impressionism, Schuffenecker was much interested in pointillist techniques.
Rocks at Yport
1889(1889) Oil on canvas 81.5 X 59.5 cm (32.09 X 23.43 in) cjr

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