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Emile Claus Bringing in the Nets oil painting reproduction

Bringing in the Nets
1893(1893) Medium oil on canvas cjr
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Emile Claus
Belgian Painter, 1849-1924 Belgian painter. He had various menial jobs before the composer Peter Benoet persuaded his father to let him study at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp. He was taught there by Nicaise De Keyser and Jacob Jacobs (1812-79) but found the atmosphere uncongenial and soon left. In 1879 he travelled around Spain and North Africa and in 1881 went to live with his sister at Waereghem. His painting of this period was influenced by Charles Verlat and depicted rural subjects
Bringing in the Nets
1893(1893) Medium oil on canvas cjr

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