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Emile Bernard The Harvest(Breton Landscape) oil painting reproduction

The Harvest(Breton Landscape)
1888 1' 10 1/4'' x 1' 5 3/4''(56.5 x 45 cm)
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Emile Bernard
1868-1941 French Emile Bernard Galleries (b Lille, 28 April 1868; d Paris, 15 April 1941). French painter and writer. He was the son of a cloth merchant. Relations with his parents were never harmonious, and in 1884, against his fathers wishes, he enrolled as a student at the Atelier Cormon in Paris. There he became a close friend of Louis Anquetin and Toulouse-Lautrec. In suburban views of Asnires, where his parents lived, Bernard experimented with Impressionist and then Pointillist colour theory, in direct opposition to his masters academic teaching; an argument with Fernand Cormon led to his expulsion from the studio in 1886. He made a walking tour of Normandy and Brittany that year, drawn to Gothic architecture and the simplicity of the carved Breton calvaries. In Concarneau he struck up a friendship with Claude-Emile Schuffenecker and met Gauguin briefly in Pont-Aven. During the winter Bernard met van Gogh and frequented the shop of the colour merchant Julien-Franois Tanguy, where he gained access to the little-known work of Cezanne.
The Harvest(Breton Landscape)
1888 1' 10 1/4'' x 1' 5 3/4''(56.5 x 45 cm)

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