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Edward Borein Crow Medicine Man oil painting reproduction

Crow Medicine Man
mk162 undated watercolor on paper 6x8
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Edward Borein
American Golden Age Illustrator, 1882-1945,was an American artist and illustrator. He was the star pupil of the artist Howard Pyle, and became one of America's greatest illustratorsDuring his lifetime, Wyeth created over 3,000 paintings and illustrated 112 books, 25 of them for Scribner's, the work for which he is best known.Wyeth was a realist painter just as the camera and photography began to compete with his craft. Sometimes seen as melodramatic, his illustrations were designed to be understood quickly. Wyeth who was both a painter and an illustrator, understood the difference, and said in 1908,
Crow Medicine Man
mk162 undated watercolor on paper 6x8

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