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Eduard Magnus Strandlandskap fran Lovo oil painting reproduction

Strandlandskap fran Lovo
oil on paper Dimensions 34 x 45.5 cm cyf
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Eduard Magnus
(January 7, 1799 - August 8, 1872) was a German painter. Magnus was born in Berlin, and studied simultaneously at the Berlin Academy of Art, Bauakademie, and University of Berlin. He later traveled to Paris and Italy, returning to Germany in 1829. He went to Italy again in 1831, and traveled through Paris and England before returning again in 1835. In 1837 he became a member of the Academy of Art, and in 1844 a professor. From 1850 to 1853 he traveled to France and Spain. He died in 1872 in Berlin. He was for a time the preeminent portrait painter in Berlin. Eduard Magnus was the elder brother of the physicist and chemist Heinrich Gustav Magnus.
Strandlandskap fran Lovo
oil on paper Dimensions 34 x 45.5 cm cyf

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