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Dmitry Levitzky Duchess Ursula Mniszech oil painting reproduction

Duchess Ursula Mniszech
Duchess Ursula Mniszech, 1782
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Dmitry Levitzky
1735-1822) was a Russian-Ukrainian portrait painter. Dmitry was born in Kiev, Ukraine, in a family of clergyman and engraver Grigory Levitzky. His father was his first art teacher. Later be became a pupil of Aleksey Antropov who came to Kiev to paint the Cathedral of St. Andrew. In 1770, Levitzky became famous as a portrait painter after the exhibition of six of his portraits in the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. For the portrait of Alexander Kokorinov, Director and First Rector of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg (1769) he was elected an academician and appointed the Professor of the portrait painting class at the Academy of Arts.
Duchess Ursula Mniszech
Duchess Ursula Mniszech, 1782

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