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David Teniers The Gallery of Archduke Leopld Wilhelm oil painting reproduction

The Gallery of Archduke Leopld Wilhelm
mk61 c.1650-1651 Oil on copper, 106x129cm
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David Teniers
Belgian 1610-1690 David Teniers Gallery Flemish painter. His father, also named David Teniers (1582 ?C 1649), was a painter of primarily religious subjects. The younger Teniers was highly prolific and is best known for his genre scenes of peasant life, many of which were used for tapestry designs in the 18th century. He was brilliant at handling crowd scenes in an open landscape and adept at characterizing his figures with a warm, human, and often humorous touch. As court painter to the archduke Leopold William, he also made many small-scale copies of paintings in the archduke collection; engraved and published as Theatrum Pictorium (1660), they constitute a valuable source as a pictorial inventory of a great 17th-century collection.
The Gallery of Archduke Leopld Wilhelm
mk61 c.1650-1651 Oil on copper, 106x129cm

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