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Carl d Unker Pawn Shop oil painting reproduction

Pawn Shop
1860(1860) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 56 x 85 cm (22 x 33.5 in) cyf
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Carl d Unker
(3 February 1828 - 23 June 1866)was a Swedish artist. He was mostly known as a socially oriented genre painter whose works were contemporary subjects of his time, like waiting rooms at railway stations, and scenes from pawnshops for example. D'Unkers father was a Norwegian military, his mother Swedish. He began his career as a military and had served at the Svea Life Guards for a short time, when he in 1848 volunteered in the First Schleswig War 1848-1849. Shortly after his return to Sweden he abandoned his military path and went to the arts. He moved to Desseldorf to study painting, there he got married to a wealthy Russian woman and could live a carefree life financially. He became a very popular artist on the continent. From 1861 he suffered from sickness in his right arm so he had to paint with his left arm. He made a brief visit to Sweden in 1865, and was appointed professor by Swedish king Charles XV. The following year he died.
Pawn Shop
1860(1860) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 56 x 85 cm (22 x 33.5 in) cyf

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