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CIMA da Conegliano Baptist and Mary Magdalen oil painting reproduction

Baptist and Mary Magdalen
between 1511(1511) and 1513(1513) Medium Oil on wood cyf
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CIMA da Conegliano
Italian Painter, ca.1459-1517 Italian painter. He belonged to the generation between Giovanni Bellini and Giorgione and was one of the leading painters of early Renaissance Venice. His major works, several of which are signed, are almost all church altarpieces, usually depicting the Virgin and Child enthroned with saints; he also produced a large number of smaller half-length Madonnas. His autograph paintings are executed with great sensitivity and consummate craftsmanship. Fundamental to his artistic formation was the style that Bellini had evolved by the 1470s and 1480s; other important influences were Antonello da Messina and Alvise Vivarini. Although Cima was always capable of modest innovation, his style did not undergo any radical alteration during a career of some 30 years, and his response to the growing taste for Giorgionesque works from the early 16th century remained superficial. He seems to have maintained a sizeable workshop,
Baptist and Mary Magdalen
between 1511(1511) and 1513(1513) Medium Oil on wood cyf

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