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BEUCKELAER, Joachim The Flight into Egypt g oil painting reproduction

The Flight into Egypt g
Oil on panel, 103 x 81 cm Rockox House, Antwerp
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Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter, ca.1534-1574 A native of Antwerp, he studied under his uncle, Pieter Aertsen. Many of his paintings contain scenes of kitchen and markets, with religious allusions in the background. His Four Elements series (as of 2004[update], in the National Gallery, London) exemplifies this theme on a large scale. Water, for example, shows a fish market selling twelve kinds of fish, representing the twelve disciples of Jesus. Through an archway in the background we can see Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee after his resurrection, making fish appear miraculously in empty nets. Beuckelaer's work was influential on painters in Northern Italy, particularly Vincenzo Campi.
The Flight into Egypt g
Oil on panel, 103 x 81 cm Rockox House, Antwerp

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