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Aureliano De Beruete Y Moret The Outskirts of Madrid oil painting reproduction

The Outskirts of Madrid
mk61 1906 Oil on canvas 57.5x81cm
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Aureliano De Beruete Y Moret
Spanish , Madrid, 1845 - Madrid, 1912 Spanish writer, painter and collector. After pursuing a political career and taking a doctorate in civil and canon law, he dedicated himself to writing on art and produced important studies on Diego Velezquez (1898), Joaqu'n Sorolla y Bastida (1901) and other artists. He travelled extensively and enthusiastically in Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, England and elsewhere), studying especially the different national schools of painting. On his travels he also painted landscapes. After working for some time as a copyist in the Museo del Prado, Beruete decided in 1873 to concentrate his efforts on painting and on learning to perfect his craft. He enrolled at the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de S Fernando in Madrid and also studied at the studio of Carlos de Haes. Beruete was among the founders of the Instituci'n Libre de Enseeanza, and with its members, and with Carlos de Haes, he made several study trips abroad. In Paris he came to know the painting of the Barbizon school, and in Belgium he assimilated the teaching of the generation of landscape artists who had adopted a form of Realism.
The Outskirts of Madrid
mk61 1906 Oil on canvas 57.5x81cm

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