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Amalia Lindegren Frukosten oil painting reproduction

Frukosten, 1866
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Amalia Lindegren
(22 May 1814 in Stockholm, died 27 December 1891 in Stockholm, was a Swedish artist and painter, from 1856 a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts. At the age of three, she was left an orphan after her mothers death and adopted by the widow of her alleged biological father, Benjamin Sandel. Her position as a child was somewhat humiliating, as a form of charity object for the upper classes, and in her later work, her paintings of sad little girls is believed to be inspired by her childhood. Her drawings made the artist and art teacher Carl Gustaf Qvarnström include her as one of the four women accepted as students at the academy in 1849, and in 1850, she became the first woman given an art scholarship from the academy to study art in Paris, which she did at the studies of Coignet and Tissier; she also studied in D??sseldorf and Menich before she returned to Sweden in 1856, were she was elected to the academy
Frukosten, 1866

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