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Alexei Korzukhin At a hunk of bread oil painting reproduction

At a hunk of bread
Date 1890(1890) Medium Oil on canvas cjr
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Alexei Korzukhin
(1835-1894) was Russian painter. A Korzukhin 000.JPG Korzukhin was born in Yekaterinburg on March 23, 1835. In 1858 he began his studies in the St. Petersburg in the Imperial Academy of Arts. In 1860, Korzukhin won his first award for the painting his The Drunken Father. In 1864, he help found Petersburg Artel of Artists - the "Revolt of Fourteen". Korzukhin has received a rank of the artist of the First Degree for his painting Commemoration on a Rural Cemetery (1865). For The Return of the Father from Fair, he received a rank of the academician. In 1870, he became a founding member of the art group 'The Wanderers. In 1891 he painted The Lord's Supper for a cathedral in Riga. Korzukhin is perhaps most famous for his many portraits, each of which is characterized to have a subtle psychological depth. For this reason they are generally accepted as masterpieces of Russian portrait painting. Alexei Korzukhin died in St. Petersburg on October 30, 1894.
At a hunk of bread
Date 1890(1890) Medium Oil on canvas cjr

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