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Alexander Roslin Gustav III of Sweden, and his brothers oil painting reproduction

Gustav III of Sweden, and his brothers
1771 cjr
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Alexander Roslin
1718--93 Swedish painter and pastellist, active in Germany and France. He trained with Lars Ehrenbill (1697-1747), a draughtsman employed by the Admiralty in Malmö, and in Stockholm under Georg Engelhardt Schräder (1684-1750), a portrait painter working in the tradition of Hyacinthe Rigaud and Nicolas de Largillierre. In 1741 Roslin moved to Göteborg, but the following year he returned to Malmö, where he executed devotional works for the parish church of Hasslöv, Halland, and began establishing himself as a portrait painter.
Gustav III of Sweden, and his brothers
1771 cjr

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