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Alexander Ivanov Nude Boy oil painting reproduction

Nude Boy
1840's-1850's The Russian Museum, St.Petersburg
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Alexander Ivanov
1806-1858 Russian Alexander Ivanov Galleries was a Russian painter who adhered to the waning tradition of Neoclassicism but found little sympathy with his contemporaries. Ivanov studied together with Karl Briullov at the Imperial Academy of Arts under his father, Andrey A. Ivanov. He spent most of his life in Rome where he befriended Gogol and succumbed to the influence of the Nazarenes. He has been called the master of one work, for it took 20 years to complete his magnum opus, The Appearance of Christ before the People (1837-57). It was for the next generation of art critics to do him justice. Some of the numerous sketches he had prepared for The Appearance have been recognized as masterpieces in their own right. Although Ivanov's major painting is a gem of the Tretyakov Gallery, the most comprehensive collection of his works can be viewed at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg.
Nude Boy
1840's-1850's The Russian Museum, St.Petersburg

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