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Adriaen van de Venne Fools Have the Most Fun oil painting reproduction

Fools Have the Most Fun
1661 Oil on canvas, 70 x 91,5 cm
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Adriaen van de Venne
Delft 1589-The Hague 1662 Dutch painter, draughtsman and poet. De Bie's account (1661) is the only known source on van de Venne's youth and training. He was born of 'worthy' parents who had fled to Delft from the southern Netherlands to escape war and religious strife. Inspired by his early study of Latin to become an illustrator, he was partly self-taught but also received instruction in painting and illumination from the otherwise unrecorded Leiden goldsmith and painter Simon de Valck. His second teacher, Hieronymus van Diest,
Fools Have the Most Fun
1661 Oil on canvas, 70 x 91,5 cm

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