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Painting: Venus and Cupid

Painting ID: 94603

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William Edward frost R.A. Venus and Cupid

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William Edward frost R.A.:
1810-1877 was an English painter of the Victorian era. Virtually alone among English artists in the middle Victorian period, he devoted his practice to the portrayal of the female nude. Frost was educated in the schools of the Royal Academy, beginning in 1829; he established a reputation as a portrait painter before branching into historical and mythological subjects, including the sub-genre of fairy painting that was characteristic of Victorian art. In 1839 he won the Royal Academy's gold medal for his "Prometheus Bound," and in 1843 he won a prize in the Westminster Hall competition for his "Una Alarmed by Fauns" (a subject from Spenser's The Faerie Queen). He was elected an associate member of the Royal Academy in 1846, and a full member in 1870. Frost is widely recognized as a follower of William Etty, who preceded him as the primary British painter of nudes in the second quarter of the nineteenth century.

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William Edward frost R.A.