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Painting: Self portrait

Painting ID: 81416

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Anthoni Schoonjans Self portrait

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Anthoni Schoonjans:
(1655 - 13 August 1726) was a Flemish painter. He was born in Antwerp and became a pupil of Erasmus Quellinus II and his son Jan-Erasmus Quellinus. He travelled to Rome and like his teachers had done before him, joined the Bentvueghels with the nickname "Parrhasius" in 1674. In Rome he lived with Charles de Vogelaer in the via Margutta and later he lived from 1688-89 in the Corso, near the via di Ripetta. In 1695 he became court painter in Vienna, where he later died. During the course of his lengthy career he also worked in Antwerp, Riems, Lyon, Amsterdam, the Hague, Brno, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, and Berlin.He is known for portraits and historical allegories, and was the teacher of Georg Gsell.

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Anthoni Schoonjans