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Painting: Count Fulvio Grati

Painting ID: 79777

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Giuseppe Maria Crespi Count Fulvio Grati

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Giuseppe Maria Crespi:
1665-1747 Italian Giuseppe Maria Crespi Locations 1747). Painter, draughtsman and printmaker. His religious and mythological works are distinguished by a free brushstroke and a painterly manner. He also painted spirited genre scenes, which by their quality, content and quantity distinguish him as one of the first Italian painters of high standing to devote serious attention to the depiction of contemporary life. Such paintings as Woman Laundering (1700-05; St Petersburg, Hermitage) or Woman Washing Dishes (1720-25; Florence, Uffizi) offer straightforward glimpses of domestic chores in images that are startlingly novel for the period and look forward to the art of Jean-Simeon Chardin, Jean-Francois Millet and Honore Daumier

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Giuseppe Maria Crespi