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Painting: Self portrait

Painting ID: 79012

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MEYTENS, Martin van Self portrait

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MEYTENS, Martin van:
Dutch painter (b. 1695, Stockholm, d. 1770, Vienna). was a Swedish-Austrian painter who has painted people of the royal Court of Austria such as Marie Antoinette, Maria Theresa of Austria, Francois III and his family, and many other royal paintings. His painting style has inspired many other painters to paint in a similar format. Martin van Meytens was born on June 16, 1695 and was later baptised in Stockholm, Sweden. He studied other great painter's works and in 1717 he had a great success in painting enamel paintings and miniatures, but later went on to greater task. In 1723 he began to paint large portraits of royal courts

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MEYTENS, Martin van