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Painting: designed by thomas edwin mostyn

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eduard hanslick designed by thomas edwin mostyn

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eduard hanslick:
German music critic, aesthetician and pioneer of musical appreciation. He studied music with Tom??šek and read law at Prague University, writing his earliest essays for the Prague journal Ost und West and for the Wiener Musikzeitung, the Sonntagsblätter and the Wiener Zeitung. From 1849 to 1861 he was a civil servant, chiefly for the ministry of culture, meanwhile writing for the Presse, publishing his important book Vom Musikalisch-Schönen (1854) and lecturing on music appreciation at Vienna University, becoming full professor in 1870. He was also active as a musical emissary and helped promote the standardization of musical pitch. Among his long-standing friends were Brahms and the philosopher Robert Zimmermann. Though his aesthetic enshrined the classical ideals of orderliness and formal perfection, his interests were limited to the music of his own time.

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eduard hanslick