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Painting: Liberty

Painting ID: 38387

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Frederic Auguste Bartholdi Liberty

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Frederic Auguste Bartholdi:
French Sculptor, 1834-1904,was a French sculptor. He is also known as Amilcar Hasenfratz, a pseudonym used for his paintings of Egyptian subjects, apparently because of concern that his work in another medium would distract from his sculpture. Born in Colmar, Alsace, Bartholdi went to Paris to further his studies in architecture as well as painting. Then he made a long trip to Egypt and Yemen, where he heard about the Suez project. He came back to his native city to become an architect. Bartholdi was a freemason, he was initiated on October 14, 1875 in the lodge LeAlsace-Lorraine, Grand Orient of France.

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Frederic Auguste Bartholdi