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Painting: Tobias and the Angel

Painting ID: 01590

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Antonio Pollaiuolo Tobias and the Angel

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Antonio Pollaiuolo:
1431-1498 Italian Antonio Pollaiuolo Galleries Sculptor, painter, designer and engraver. He was trained as a goldsmith and bronze sculptor, probably in Lorenzo Ghiberti workshop. In 1466 he joined the Arte della Seta, the silkworkers guild (to which goldsmiths traditionally belonged), and he listed himself as a goldsmith and painter in the membership records of the Compagnia di S Luca in 1473; this is the only documented reference to him as a painter. In his tax return in 1480 he reported that he was renting a workshop specifically for goldsmiths work. He still described himself as a goldsmith, and not as a painter, in his last tax return in 1496.

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Antonio Pollaiuolo