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Wojciech Gerson Sigismund the Old with Staczyk at the Wawel Castle oil painting

Sigismund the Old with Staczyk at the Wawel Castle
Painting ID::  66444
Artist: Wojciech Gerson
Painting: Sigismund the Old with Staczyk at the Wawel Castle
Introduction: 19th century Oil on canvas 46 54.5 cm (18.11 x 21.46 in)








Wojciech Gerson Lokietek pod Ojcowem oil painting

Lokietek pod Ojcowem
Painting ID::  66445
Artist: Wojciech Gerson
Painting: Lokietek pod Ojcowem
Introduction: adysław the Elbow-high near Ojcow), oil on canvas, 61 x 91,7 cm, Gallery of Art in Lviv








Wojciech Gerson The Assassination of Przemysl II in Rogozno. oil painting

The Assassination of Przemysl II in Rogozno.
Painting ID::  66446
Artist: Wojciech Gerson
Painting: The Assassination of Przemysl II in Rogozno.
Introduction: oil on canvas 154 ?? 231 cm (60.63 ?? 90.94 in) 1881








Wojciech Gerson Mountain-foot scenery. oil painting

Mountain-foot scenery.
Painting ID::  66447
Artist: Wojciech Gerson
Painting: Mountain-foot scenery.
Introduction: 1882 oil on canvas 19 ?? 27 cm (7.48 ?? 10.63 in)








Wojciech Gerson Przed chata oil painting

Przed chata
Painting ID::  67398
Artist: Wojciech Gerson
Painting: Przed chata
Introduction: Year 1856(1856) Technique Oil on canvas Dimensions 60 ?? 74 cm (23.62 ?? 29.13 in)








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     (1831 - 1901) was a Polish painter and professor. Born in Warsaw, Gerson enrolled at the Warsaw Fine Arts Academy and graduated with honorable mention and a scholarship to St. Petersburg Academy of Arts where he studied historical painting under A. T. Markov. He graduated from St. Petersburg with a silver medal and returned to Warsaw. He left for Paris in 1850 and studied under Leon Cogniet. He travelled back to Warsaw in 1858, where he would live for the rest of his life. Gerson began to teach art in his own workshop in 1865. He trained many future Polish artists such as J??zef Chełmo??ski, Leon Wycz??łkowski, Władysław Podkowi??ski, and J??zef Pankiewicz. He was made a professor for the St. Petersburg Fine Arts Academy in 1878. Gerson also worked as an architect and art critic. He is known for his paintings of patriotism, country life, and mountain landscapes. Gerson died in Warsaw, aged 70. . Related Artists to Wojciech Gerson : | Antoine Caron | Matilda Browne | Osbert, Alphonse | WEST, Benjamin | Salvatore Postiglione |




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