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William mctaggart Bathing Girls,White Bay Cantire(Scotland) oil painting

Bathing Girls,White Bay Cantire(Scotland)
Painting ID::  11833
Artist: William mctaggart
Painting: Bathing Girls,White Bay Cantire(Scotland)
Introduction: 1890 3' x 4' 8''(91.2 x 142.5 cm)








William mctaggart The Emigrants oil painting

The Emigrants
Painting ID::  32815
Artist: William mctaggart
Painting: The Emigrants
Introduction: mk81 1883-9








William mctaggart The Storm oil painting

The Storm
Painting ID::  54444
Artist: William mctaggart
Painting: The Storm
Introduction: mk235 1890 Oil on canvas 121.9x183cm








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     Scottish Painter, 1835-1910 was a Scottish landscape painter who was influenced by Impressionism. The son of a crofter, William McTaggart was born in the small village of Aros in Kintyre. He moved to Edinburgh at the age of 16 and studied at the Trustees' Academy under Robert Scott Lauder. He won several prizes as a student and exhibited his work in the Royal Scottish Academy, becoming a full member of the Academy in 1870. His early works were mainly figure paintings, often of children, but he later turned to land and seascape painting, inspired by his childhood love of the sea and the rugged, Atlantic-lashed west coast of his birth. The Storm, 1890, National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh.McTaggart was fascinated with nature and man??s relationship with it, and he strove to capture aspects such as the transient effects of light on water. He adopted the Impressionist practice of painting out of doors, and his use of colour and bold brushwork resemble qualities found in paintings by Constable and Turner, both artists whom he admired. McTaggart was skilled in the use of both oil and watercolour and, in addition to Kintyre seascapes, he also painted landscapes and seascapes in Midlothian and East Lothian. Many of his later works depict the Moorfoot Hills which could be seen from his house near Lasswade, which he moved to in 1889. . Related Artists to William mctaggart : | aristotle | Quentin Massys | Alessandro Allori | Eugenio Lucas y Padilla | Johannes Cornelisz Verspronck |




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