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William Keith Mount Hood, Oregon oil painting

Mount Hood, Oregon
Painting ID::  71673
Artist: William Keith
Painting: Mount Hood, Oregon
Introduction: between 1881(1881) and 1883(1883) Oil on canvas 102.2 x 183 cm (40.24 x 72.05 in)








William Keith California Ranch oil painting

California Ranch
Painting ID::  72097
Artist: William Keith
Painting: California Ranch
Introduction: 1908(1908) Oil on canvas 221.6 X 128 cm (87.24 X 50.39 in) cjr








William Keith Stream Through the Valley oil painting

Stream Through the Valley
Painting ID::  72608
Artist: William Keith
Painting: Stream Through the Valley
Introduction: 1901(1901) Oil on canvas 76.2 X 101.6 cm (30 X 40 in) cjr








William Keith Santa Barbara Hills oil painting

Santa Barbara Hills
Painting ID::  72609
Artist: William Keith
Painting: Santa Barbara Hills
Introduction: 1882(1882) Oil on canvas 39.4 X 70.2 cm (15.51 X 27.64 in) cjr








William Keith Mono Pass, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California oil painting

Mono Pass, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
Painting ID::  72610
Artist: William Keith
Painting: Mono Pass, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
Introduction: 1877(1877) Oil on canvas 101.6 X 182.9 cm (40 X 72.01 in) cjr








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     (Nov 18, 1838 - April 13, 1911) was a Scottish-American painter famous for his California landscapes. Keith was born in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and emigrated to the United States in 1850. He lived in New York City, and became an apprentice wood engraver in 1856. He first traveled to the American West in 1858, after being assigned to do illustrations for Harper's Magazine. He moved to England briefly, working for the London Daily News. . Related Artists to William Keith : | Jjean-Marc nattier | axel gustaf hertzberg | Julian Falat | CEREZO, Mateo | Thomas Uwins |




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