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Vittore Carpaccio Maria Geburt oil painting

Maria Geburt
Painting ID::  91552
Artist: Vittore Carpaccio
Painting: Maria Geburt
Introduction: 1504-1508 Medium oil on canvas Dimensions Deutsch: 128 x 137 cm cyf








Vittore Carpaccio The Meditation on the Passion oil painting

The Meditation on the Passion
Painting ID::  91681
Artist: Vittore Carpaccio
Painting: The Meditation on the Passion
Introduction: c. 1510(1510) Medium oil and tempera on wood Dimensions Height: 70.5 cm (27.8 in). Width: 86.7 cm (34.1 in). cyf








Vittore Carpaccio Taufe der Unglaubigen durch Hl. Georg oil painting

Taufe der Unglaubigen durch Hl. Georg
Painting ID::  92726
Artist: Vittore Carpaccio
Painting: Taufe der Unglaubigen durch Hl. Georg
Introduction: c. 1507 Medium oil on canvas cjr








Vittore Carpaccio Christ between Four Angels oil painting

Christ between Four Angels
Painting ID::  94668
Artist: Vittore Carpaccio
Painting: Christ between Four Angels
Introduction: 1496 Type Oil on panel Dimensions 162 cm x 163 cm (64 in x 64 in) cyf








Vittore Carpaccio Holy Family and donors oil painting

Holy Family and donors
Painting ID::  94688
Artist: Vittore Carpaccio
Painting: Holy Family and donors
Introduction: 1505 Type tempera and (?)oil on panel Dimensions 141 cm x 285 cm (56 in x 112 in) cyf








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     Italian 1455-1526 Vittore Carpaccio Locations His name is associated with the cycles of lively and festive narrative paintings that he executed for several of the Venetian scuole, or devotional confraternities. He also seems to have enjoyed a considerable reputation as a portrait painter. While evidently owing much in both these fields to his older contemporaries, Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, Carpaccio quickly evolved a readily recognizable style of his own which is marked by a taste for decorative splendour and picturesque anecdote. His altarpieces and smaller devotional works are generally less successful, particularly after about 1510, when he seems to have suffered a crisis of confidence in the face of the radical innovations of younger artists such as Giorgione and Titian. . Related Artists to Vittore Carpaccio : | Pierre Auguste Pichon | Eduard Hildebrandt | Umberto Boccioni | Charles Farrer | Alfons Mucha |




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