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Viktor Vasnetsov The Paladin oil painting

The Paladin
Painting ID::  30839
Artist: Viktor Vasnetsov
Painting: The Paladin
Introduction: mk68 Oil on canvas Saint Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum 1882 Russia








Viktor Vasnetsov Moving House oil painting

Moving House
Painting ID::  35172
Artist: Viktor Vasnetsov
Painting: Moving House
Introduction: mk100 1876 Oil on canvas 58.3x67.2cm








Viktor Vasnetsov Ivan the Tsarevich Riding the Grey Wolf oil painting

Ivan the Tsarevich Riding the Grey Wolf
Painting ID::  49072
Artist: Viktor Vasnetsov
Painting: Ivan the Tsarevich Riding the Grey Wolf
Introduction: mk193 1889 Oil on canvas 249x187cm








Viktor Vasnetsov Arkhip Kuindzhi. oil painting

Arkhip Kuindzhi.
Painting ID::  61285
Artist: Viktor Vasnetsov
Painting: Arkhip Kuindzhi.
Introduction: Arkhip Kuindzhi. 1869








Viktor Vasnetsov Self-Portrait, oil painting

Painting ID::  61286
Artist: Viktor Vasnetsov
Painting: Self-Portrait,
Introduction: Self-Portrait, 1873








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     Russian Painter , 1848-1926 Painter, designer and graphic artist. He played a leading role in the evolution of Russian art from 19th-century realism towards Art Nouveau with a national historical slant. The son of a priest, he studied at a theological seminary in Vyatka (1862-7); then, developing a passion for drawing, he entered the drawing school of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, St Petersburg, and studied under Ivan Kramskoy in 1867-8. He perfected his skills at the Academy of Arts, St Petersburg, in 1869-75 and joined the WANDERERS in 1878. . Related Artists to Viktor Vasnetsov : | David Dalby | Pieter Balten | Follower of Jacopo da Ponte | Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein | Theodor Aman |




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