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Tom roberts Bourke Street,Melbourne (nn02) oil painting

Bourke Street,Melbourne (nn02)
Painting ID::  23083
Artist: Tom roberts
Painting: Bourke Street,Melbourne (nn02)
Introduction: c.1886 Oil on canvas 20 1/8x30 1/4"








Tom roberts Impression (nn02) oil painting

Impression (nn02)
Painting ID::  23084
Artist: Tom roberts
Painting: Impression (nn02)
Introduction: 1888 Oil on cedar panel. 4 5/16x17 1/4"








Tom roberts Mentone (nn02) oil painting

Mentone (nn02)
Painting ID::  23085
Artist: Tom roberts
Painting: Mentone (nn02)
Introduction: 1887 Oil on canvas mounted on board 20x30 1/8"








Tom roberts The Sunny South (nn02) oil painting

The Sunny South (nn02)
Painting ID::  23089
Artist: Tom roberts
Painting: The Sunny South (nn02)
Introduction: c.1887 Oil on canvas 12 1/8x24 3/16"








Tom roberts corroboree (nn02) oil painting

corroboree (nn02)
Painting ID::  23098
Artist: Tom roberts
Painting: corroboree (nn02)
Introduction: Murray Island 1892 Oil on canvas 14 1/2x21 1/2"








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     British-born Australian Painter, 1856-1931 Australian painter of English birth. A leader of the HEIDELBERG SCHOOL and pioneer of plein-air Impressionism in Australia, he has been described as 'the father of Australian landscape painting'. Having moved to Melbourne in 1869, he studied at the East Collingwood and Carlton Schools of Design and the National Gallery of Victoria's School of Art (1874-81) while working as a photographic assistant. He led sketching expeditions with Frederick McCubbin and initiated student requests for reforms at the school. Returning to England, he enrolled in the Royal Academy Schools, London, on 6 December 1881, officially recommended by Edwin Long. In the summer of 1883 he toured Spain with the painter John Peter Russell. He learnt something of French Impressionism from Spanish art students Ramon Casas and Loreano Barrau (b 1864), and then followed the latter's advice to visit the Academie Julian in Paris. He returned to Melbourne in 1885 and the following year established the first summer camp at Box Hill with McCubbin and Louis Abrahams (1852-1903), portrayed in his painting the Artists' Camp (c. 1886; Melbourne, N.G. Victoria). According to the painter Arthur Streeton, it was Roberts's 'quick perception and expression of the principles of Impressionism in the year 1886, . Related Artists to Tom roberts : | Angelo Morbelli | Gustave Moreau | Louise-Catherine Breslau | Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky | Jacob de Gheyn II |




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