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Theo van Doesburg Arithmetic Composition oil painting

Arithmetic Composition
Painting ID::  977
Artist: Theo van Doesburg
Painting: Arithmetic Composition
Introduction: 1930








Theo van Doesburg Simultaneous Counter-Composition (mk09) oil painting

Simultaneous Counter-Composition (mk09)
Painting ID::  21678
Artist: Theo van Doesburg
Painting: Simultaneous Counter-Composition (mk09)
Introduction: c 1929/30 Oil on canvs,50.1 x 49.8 cm New York,The Museum of Modern Art








Theo van Doesburg Simultaneous Counter Composition oil painting

Simultaneous Counter Composition
Painting ID::  34080
Artist: Theo van Doesburg
Painting: Simultaneous Counter Composition
Introduction: mk87 c.1929/30 Oil on canvas 50.1x49.8cm New York, The Museum of Modern Art








Theo van Doesburg Nature Morte oil painting

Nature Morte
Painting ID::  45003
Artist: Theo van Doesburg
Painting: Nature Morte
Introduction: mk183 Oil on canvas 82x67.5cm








Theo van Doesburg composition vlll (the cow) oil painting

composition vlll (the cow)
Painting ID::  56508
Artist: Theo van Doesburg
Painting: composition vlll (the cow)
Introduction: mk247 c.1918,oil on canvas,14.75x25 in,37.5x63.5 cm,museum of modern art(moma),new york,ny,usa








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     Dutch 1883-1931 Dutch painter, architect, designer and writer. He was officially registered as the son of Wilhelm Kepper and Henrietta Catharina Margadant, but he was so convinced that his mother second husband, Theodorus Doesburg, was his father that he took his name. Little is known of his early life, but he began painting naturalistic subjects c. 1899. In 1903 he began his military service, and around the same time he met his first wife, Agnita Feis, a Theosophist and poet. Between about 1908 and 1910, much influenced by the work of Honor Daumier, he produced caricatures, some of which were later published in his first book De maskers af! (1916). Also during this period he painted some Impressionist-inspired landscapes and portraits in the manner of George Hendrik Breitner. Between 1914 and 1915 the influence of Kandinsky became clear in such drawings as Streetmusic I and Streetmusic II (The Hague, Rijksdienst Beeld. Kst) and other abstract works. . Related Artists to Theo van Doesburg : | Friedrich August von Kaulabch | Charles Courtney Curran | Georges Clairin | Benjamin Samuel Bolomey | Jacques-Louis David |




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