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TERBORCH, Gerard Paternal Admonition  r oil painting

Paternal Admonition r
Painting ID::  9224
Artist: TERBORCH, Gerard
Painting: Paternal Admonition r
Introduction: c. 1655 Oil on canvas Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam








TERBORCH, Gerard Paternal Admonition h oil painting

Paternal Admonition h
Painting ID::  9225
Artist: TERBORCH, Gerard
Painting: Paternal Admonition h
Introduction: 1654-55 Oil on canvas, 70 x 60 cm Staatliche Museen, Berlin








TERBORCH, Gerard Card-Players awr oil painting

Card-Players awr
Painting ID::  9226
Artist: TERBORCH, Gerard
Painting: Card-Players awr
Introduction: c. 1650 Oil on panel, 25,5 x 20 cm Sammlung Reinhart, Winterthur








TERBORCH, Gerard The Concert sg oil painting

The Concert sg
Painting ID::  9227
Artist: TERBORCH, Gerard
Painting: The Concert sg
Introduction: c. 1657 Oil on wood, 47 x 44 cm Mus??e du Louvre, Paris








TERBORCH, Gerard The Glass of Lemonade fg oil painting

The Glass of Lemonade fg
Painting ID::  9228
Artist: TERBORCH, Gerard
Painting: The Glass of Lemonade fg
Introduction: 1655-60 Oil on canvas transferred from panel, 67 x 54 cm The Hermitage, St. Petersburg








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     Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1617-1681 Dutch genre and portrait painter. He studied with his father and traveled throughout Europe, showing extraordinary precocity in his early work. In 1648 he attended the congress at Menster and painted portraits of the delegates that he incorporated in his celebrated group, The Peace of Menster (National Gall., London). Soon after, he was invited to Spain, where he worked for Philip IV. On returning to Holland in 1650 he painted a variety of genre scenes, capturing the individuality of each subject and portraying the life and customs of the wealthy burgher class with rare dignity and distinction. The tiny portraits and the interiors that were his specialty are painted with elegance, serenity, and a technique of consummate craftsmanship. Among his most famous pictures are Self-Portrait and The Toilet (The Hague), and The Guitar Lesson (National Gall., London). . Related Artists to TERBORCH, Gerard : | Robert Gabriel Gence | Georges Seurat | joseph lange | Nicolaes van Helt Stockade | Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux |




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