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Robert Campin The Virgin and the Child Before a Fire Screen oil painting

The Virgin and the Child Before a Fire Screen
Painting ID::  300
Artist: Robert Campin
Painting: The Virgin and the Child Before a Fire Screen
Introduction: National Gallery, London








Robert Campin Portrait of a Lady oil painting

Portrait of a Lady
Painting ID::  18905
Artist: Robert Campin
Painting: Portrait of a Lady
Introduction: 1420-30, The National Gallery at London








Robert Campin The Nativity oil painting

The Nativity
Painting ID::  18906
Artist: Robert Campin
Painting: The Nativity
Introduction: 1425, Mus??e des Beaux-Arts at Dijon








Robert Campin The Annunciation oil painting

The Annunciation
Painting ID::  18907
Artist: Robert Campin
Painting: The Annunciation
Introduction: 1425-28, oil on panel, Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York.








Robert Campin Madonna by the Fireside oil painting

Madonna by the Fireside
Painting ID::  18908
Artist: Robert Campin
Painting: Madonna by the Fireside
Introduction: 1430s, oil on wood (half of a diptych), The Hermitage at St. Petersburg








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     1406-1444 Robert Campin Location South Netherlandish painter. He is first mentioned in 1405-6 as a painter in Tournai. As he purchased citizenship there in 1410, he may have been born elsewhere. There is evidence of some connection with Valenciennes, where the name Campin is said to have been common, but nothing certain is known of his artistic training and background. . Related Artists to Robert Campin : | Albert Auguste Fourie | Jean Fouquet | Vincenzo Carducci | Jan Both | Antoine Vollon |




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