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RENI, Guido Hl. Matthaus Evangelist und der Engel oil painting

Hl. Matthaus Evangelist und der Engel
Painting ID::  68402
Artist: RENI, Guido
Painting: Hl. Matthaus Evangelist und der Engel
Introduction: Technique Deutsch: Öl auf Leinwand Dimensions Deutsch: 86 ?? 68 cm Current location Deutsch: Pinacoteca Vaticana








RENI, Guido Anbetung der Hirten, Detail oil painting

Anbetung der Hirten, Detail
Painting ID::  70881
Artist: RENI, Guido
Painting: Anbetung der Hirten, Detail
Introduction: 1630-1642 Oil on canvas Museo di San Martino








RENI, Guido Anbetung der Hirten oil painting

Anbetung der Hirten
Painting ID::  71871
Artist: RENI, Guido
Painting: Anbetung der Hirten
Introduction: Date 1630-1642








RENI, Guido Der siegreiche Simson oil painting

Der siegreiche Simson
Painting ID::  76228
Artist: RENI, Guido
Painting: Der siegreiche Simson
Introduction: Date 161 1- 1612 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Deutsch: 260 ?? 223 cm cyf








RENI, Guido Rosenkranzmadonna oil painting

Painting ID::  76564
Artist: RENI, Guido
Painting: Rosenkranzmadonna
Introduction: Deutsch: um 1596-1598 English: c. 1596-1598 Medium Oil on canvas cyf








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     Italian Baroque Era Painter, 1575-1642 Italian painter, draughtsman and etcher. He was one of the greatest and most influential of the 17th-century Italian painters, whose sophisticated and complex art dominated the Bolognese school. A classicizing artist, deeply influenced by Greco-Roman art and by Raphael but also by the mannered elegance of Parmigianino's paintings, he sought an ideal beauty; his work was especially celebrated for its compositional and figural grace. In his religious art he was concerned with the expression of intense emotion, often charged with pathos; according to his biographer Malvasia, he boasted that he 'could paint heads with their eyes uplifted a hundred different ways' to give form to a state of ecstasy or divine inspiration. . Related Artists to RENI, Guido : | Ludwig Emil Grimm | Tilly Kettle | Michiel Cocxie | DELEN, Dirck van | giacomo balla |




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