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RENI, Guido Reclining Venus with Cupid oil painting

Reclining Venus with Cupid
Painting ID::  51281
Artist: RENI, Guido
Painting: Reclining Venus with Cupid
Introduction: c. 1639 Oil on canvas, 136 x 174 cm








RENI, Guido The Coronation  of the Virgin oil painting

The Coronation of the Virgin
Painting ID::  51725
Artist: RENI, Guido
Painting: The Coronation of the Virgin
Introduction: nn09 1626 Oil on brass 73x52.5cm








RENI, Guido Ecce Homo oil painting

Ecce Homo
Painting ID::  50997
Artist: RENI, Guido
Painting: Ecce Homo
Introduction: c. 1639 Oil on canvas Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna








RENI, Guido The Massacre of the Innocents oil painting

The Massacre of the Innocents
Painting ID::  55757
Artist: RENI, Guido
Painting: The Massacre of the Innocents
Introduction: mk244 268x170cm Oil on canvas








RENI, Guido The Rape of Dejanira oil painting

The Rape of Dejanira
Painting ID::  64485
Artist: RENI, Guido
Painting: The Rape of Dejanira
Introduction: 259 x 193 cm Mus?e du Louvre, Paris This painting belongs to the cycle of Hercules, intended for the Duke of Mantua. The artist applies successfully the study of the human body, blending a naturalistic touch with his passion for Greek statues. The joyful ardour which is expressed on the face of the young centaur carrying off Dejanira should be noted. Artist:RENI, Guido Title: The Rape of Dejanira, 1601-1650, Italian , painting , mythological








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     Italian Baroque Era Painter, 1575-1642 Italian painter, draughtsman and etcher. He was one of the greatest and most influential of the 17th-century Italian painters, whose sophisticated and complex art dominated the Bolognese school. A classicizing artist, deeply influenced by Greco-Roman art and by Raphael but also by the mannered elegance of Parmigianino's paintings, he sought an ideal beauty; his work was especially celebrated for its compositional and figural grace. In his religious art he was concerned with the expression of intense emotion, often charged with pathos; according to his biographer Malvasia, he boasted that he 'could paint heads with their eyes uplifted a hundred different ways' to give form to a state of ecstasy or divine inspiration. . Related Artists to RENI, Guido : | James Joseph Jacques Tissot | John Alonzo Williams | Andre Gill | proverb | PROVOST, Jan |




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