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Nicolas de Stael Pond oil painting

Painting ID::  35935
Artist: Nicolas de Stael
Painting: Pond
Introduction: mk107 1957 Oil painting 146x97cm








Nicolas de Stael Dance oil painting

Painting ID::  35936
Artist: Nicolas de Stael
Painting: Dance
Introduction: mk107 1946-1947 Oil painting 195.4x114.3cm








Nicolas de Stael The Grey and Blue of Figure oil painting

The Grey and Blue of Figure
Painting ID::  35937
Artist: Nicolas de Stael
Painting: The Grey and Blue of Figure
Introduction: mk107 1950 Oil painting 115x195cm








Nicolas de Stael Figure oil painting

Painting ID::  35938
Artist: Nicolas de Stael
Painting: Figure
Introduction: mk107 1952 Oil painting 195x97cm








Nicolas de Stael Housetop oil painting

Painting ID::  35939
Artist: Nicolas de Stael
Painting: Housetop
Introduction: mk107 1952 Oil painting 200x150cm








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     Russian Painter.1914-1955 was a painter known for his use of a thick impasto and his highly abstract landscape painting. He also worked with collage, illustration and textiles Nocolas de Stael was born in the family of a Russian Lieutenant General, Baron Vladimir Stael von Holstein, (a member of the Stael von Holstein family, and the last Commandant of the Peter and Paul Fortress) and his wife, Olga Sakhanskaya. De Stael's family was forced to emigrate to Poland in 1919 because of the Russian Revolution; Both, his father and stepmother, would die in Poland and the orphaned Nicolas de Stael would be sent with his older sister Marina to Brussels to live with a Russian family (1922). He eventually studied art at the Brussels Acad??mie royale des beaux-arts (1932). In the 1930s, he travelled throughout Europe, lived in Paris (1934) and in Morocco (1936) (where he first met his companion Jeannine Guillou, also a painter and who would appear in some of his paintings from 1941-1942) and Algeria. In 1936 he had his first exhibition of Byzantine style icons and watercolors at the Galerie Dietrich et Cie, Brussels. He joined the French Foreign Legion in 1939 and was demobilized in 1941. . Related Artists to Nicolas de Stael : | Oskar Schlemmer | Charles Meurer | Edward Sherrif Curtis | Grigoriy Ugryumov | Francois Barraud |




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