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Mikhail Vrubel Head of the Demon (mk19) oil painting

Head of the Demon (mk19)
Painting ID::  22351
Artist: Mikhail Vrubel
Painting: Head of the Demon (mk19)
Introduction: 1891 Illustration for M.I.Lermontov's Poem "The Demon" Water-colour and charcoal on paper,23 x 35.6 cm Tretiakov Gallery,Moscow








Mikhail Vrubel Seated Demon (mk19) oil painting

Seated Demon (mk19)
Painting ID::  22352
Artist: Mikhail Vrubel
Painting: Seated Demon (mk19)
Introduction: 1890 Oil on canvas,114 x 211 cm Tretiakov Gallery,Moscow








Mikhail Vrubel Flying Demon (mk19) oil painting

Flying Demon (mk19)
Painting ID::  22353
Artist: Mikhail Vrubel
Painting: Flying Demon (mk19)
Introduction: c 1899 Oil on canvas,158 x 430.5 cm Russian Museum,Saint Petersburg








Mikhail Vrubel The Demon Carried off (mk19) oil painting

The Demon Carried off (mk19)
Painting ID::  22354
Artist: Mikhail Vrubel
Painting: The Demon Carried off (mk19)
Introduction: 1901 Sketch for the 1902 painting,Water-colour gouache and colour on paper,21 x 30 cm Pushkin Museum,Moscow








Mikhail Vrubel The Pearl (mk19) oil painting

The Pearl (mk19)
Painting ID::  22355
Artist: Mikhail Vrubel
Painting: The Pearl (mk19)
Introduction: 1904 Pastel and gouache on cardboard,55 x 43.7 cm Tretiakov Gallery,Moscow








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     Russian Symbolist Painter, 1856-1910 Russian painter and draughtsman. He was a pioneer of modernism, and his highly innovative technique broke with the traditions of the Academy of Arts in St Petersburg, where he had been a brilliant student; at the same time he felt dissociated from the social consciousness of The Wanderers. . Related Artists to Mikhail Vrubel : | Antonio Fiorentino | Cornelis van Spaendonck Prints | Francois-Rene Moreaux | orneore metelli | James Edward Buttersworth |




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