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Italian Early Renaissance Sculptor, 1378-1455

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Lorenzo Ghiberti Josef and its brothers oil painting

Josef and its brothers
Painting ID::  39392
Artist: Lorenzo Ghiberti
Painting: Josef and its brothers
Introduction: mk148 Element at the bronze gate of the baptism chapel of the cathedral in Florence








Lorenzo Ghiberti Self-portrait oil painting

Painting ID::  44852
Artist: Lorenzo Ghiberti
Painting: Self-portrait
Introduction: mk176 1425-52








Lorenzo Ghiberti Sacrifice of Isaac oil painting

Sacrifice of Isaac
Painting ID::  62399
Artist: Lorenzo Ghiberti
Painting: Sacrifice of Isaac
Introduction: 1401 Bronze relief Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence This panel, together with that made by Filippo Brunelleschi, both depicting the sacrifice of Isaac, have great artistic and historical importance. They are the famous trial pieces presented in a competition for the right to construct the door of the Baptistry. The lyrical elegance of Ghiberti's version undoubtedly expresses more coherently the famous Biblical episode. Ghiberti won the competition. *** Keywords: ************* Author: GHIBERTI, Lorenzo Title: Sacrifice of Isaac , 1401-1450 , Italian Form: sculpture , religious








Lorenzo Ghiberti Isaac Sends Esau to Hunt oil painting

Isaac Sends Esau to Hunt
Painting ID::  63023
Artist: Lorenzo Ghiberti
Painting: Isaac Sends Esau to Hunt
Introduction: 1425-52 Bronze Baptistry, Florence Following his journey to Rome in 1416, Ghiberti showed himself ever more receptive to ancient art. The models are never copied in a servile fashion, but are, rather, exploited as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and transformed by a wholly modern, dynamic interpretation. The group of women on the left side, whose draperies move in folds revealing the forms of the body or fly in wind-lifted arabesques, appear in several scenes on the Gates of Paradise, each time in a new version. They are borrowed from antique sculpture, as in the canephore, whose ornamental potential was often to be exploited in Florentine renaissance painting. Artist: GHIBERTI, Lorenzo Painting Title: Isaac Sends Esau to Hunt (panel from the eastern door) , 1401-1450 Painting Style: Italian , sculpture Type: religious








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