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John Singleton Copley Self Portrait  fgfg oil painting

Self Portrait fgfg
Painting ID::  3904
Artist: John Singleton Copley
Painting: Self Portrait fgfg
Introduction: 1784 National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC








John Singleton Copley Nathaniel Sparhawk oil painting

Nathaniel Sparhawk
Painting ID::  3905
Artist: John Singleton Copley
Painting: Nathaniel Sparhawk
Introduction: 1764 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston








John Singleton Copley Mrs Daniel Sargent oil painting

Mrs Daniel Sargent
Painting ID::  3906
Artist: John Singleton Copley
Painting: Mrs Daniel Sargent
Introduction: 1763 Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco








John Singleton Copley Mrs Thomas Boylston oil painting

Mrs Thomas Boylston
Painting ID::  3907
Artist: John Singleton Copley
Painting: Mrs Thomas Boylston
Introduction: 1765-66 Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge








John Singleton Copley Benjamin Hallowell oil painting

Benjamin Hallowell
Painting ID::  3908
Artist: John Singleton Copley
Painting: Benjamin Hallowell








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     American Colonial Era Painter, 1738-1815 John Singleton Copley (1738[1] - 1815) was an American painter, born presumably in Boston, Massachusetts and a son of Richard and Mary Singleton Copley, both Irish. He is famous for his portrait paintings of important figures in colonial New England, depicting in particular middle-class subjects. His paintings were innovative in their tendency to depict artifacts relating to these individuals' lives. . Related Artists to John Singleton Copley : | Juan Sanchez Cotan | George Richmond | Johannes Deiker | Leo Gestel | Jacques Sablet |




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