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John Constable Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows2 oil painting

Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows2
Painting ID::  435
Artist: John Constable
Painting: Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows2








John Constable The Valley Farm oil painting

The Valley Farm
Painting ID::  436
Artist: John Constable
Painting: The Valley Farm
Introduction: 1835 Tate Gallery, London








John Constable The Glebe Farm oil painting

The Glebe Farm
Painting ID::  437
Artist: John Constable
Painting: The Glebe Farm
Introduction: 1835 Tate Gallery, London








John Constable Whitehall Stairs on June 18, 1817 oil painting

Whitehall Stairs on June 18, 1817
Painting ID::  438
Artist: John Constable
Painting: Whitehall Stairs on June 18, 1817
Introduction: 1832








John Constable Parham Mill at Gillingham oil painting

Parham Mill at Gillingham
Painting ID::  439
Artist: John Constable
Painting: Parham Mill at Gillingham
Introduction: 1826 Yale Centre for British Art, New Haven,








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     1776-1837 British John Constable Locations 1837). English painter and draughtsman. His range and aspirations were less extensive than those of his contemporary J. M. W. Turner, but these two artists have traditionally been linked as the giants of early 19th-century British landscape painting and isolated from the many other artists practising landscape at a time when it was unprecedentedly popular. Constable has often been defined as the great naturalist and deliberately presented himself thus in his correspondence, although his stylistic variety indicates an instability in his perception of what constituted nature. He has also been characterized as having painted only the places he knew intimately, which other artists tended to pass by. While the exclusivity of Constable approach is indisputable, his concern with local scenery was not unique, being shared by the contemporary Norwich artists. By beginning to sketch in oil from nature seriously in 1808, he also conformed with the practice of artists such as Thomas Christopher Hofland (1777-1843), William Alfred Delamotte, Turner and, particularly, the pupils of John Linnell. Turner shared his commitment to establishing landscape as the equal of history painting, despite widespread disbelief in this notion. Nevertheless, although Constable was less singular than he might have liked people to believe, his single-mindedness in portraying so limited a range of sites was unique, and the brilliance of his oil sketching unprecedented, while none of his contemporaries was producing pictures resembling The Haywain (1821; London, N.G.) or the Leaping Horse (1825; London, RA). This very singularity was characteristic of British artists at a time when members of most occupations were stressing their individuality in the context of a rapidly developing capitalist economy . Related Artists to John Constable : | Brewster john | Frank Newbould | Bartolomeo Caporali | Henry Leonidas Rolfe | Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys |




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