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Jennie A. Brownscombe The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth oil painting

The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth
Painting ID::  67799
Artist: Jennie A. Brownscombe
Painting: The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth
Introduction: 1914








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     Jennie Augusta Brownscombe American, 1850-1936 She has been called "a kind of Norman Rockwell of her era." In fact, the skillful drawing, attention to detail, and nostalgic moods of her paintings make the comparison between Jennie Augusta Brownscombe and the popular American illustrator seem quite apt. Brownscombe's early life sounds like the story behind one of her own pictures. Born in a log cabin in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, she was the only child of William Brownscombe, an English-born farmer, and Elvira Kennedy, a direct descendant of a Mayflower passenger, who encouraged her young daughter to write poetry and draw. Brownscombe won her first awards as a high school student, exhibiting her work at the Wayne County Fair. When her father died in 1868, Brownscombe began supporting herself through teaching, creating book and magazine illustrations, and selling the rights to reproduce her watercolor and oil paintings as inexpensive prints, Christmas cards, and calendars. More than 100 of Brownscombe's works were distributed this way, spreading her images into homes throughout the nation. . Related Artists to Jennie A. Brownscombe : | BREKELENKAM, Quiringh van | Diepraam, Abraham | Axel Haig | Vaclav Vavrinec Reiner | william witherington |




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