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Jean Honore Fragonard Education is Everything oil painting

Education is Everything
Painting ID::  1249
Artist: Jean Honore Fragonard
Painting: Education is Everything
Introduction: 1780 Museum of Art, Sao Paolo








Jean Honore Fragonard Portrait of a Singer Holding a Sheet of Music oil painting

Portrait of a Singer Holding a Sheet of Music
Painting ID::  1250
Artist: Jean Honore Fragonard
Painting: Portrait of a Singer Holding a Sheet of Music
Introduction: 1769








Jean Honore Fragonard The See Saw q oil painting

The See Saw q
Painting ID::  1251
Artist: Jean Honore Fragonard
Painting: The See Saw q








Jean Honore Fragonard The Bathers a oil painting

The Bathers a
Painting ID::  1253
Artist: Jean Honore Fragonard
Painting: The Bathers a
Introduction: 1765 Musee du Louvre, Paris








Jean Honore Fragonard Inspiration 3 oil painting

Inspiration 3
Painting ID::  1254
Artist: Jean Honore Fragonard
Painting: Inspiration 3
Introduction: 1769 Musee du Louvre, Paris








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     1732-1806 French Jean Honore Fragonard Locations French painter. He studied with François Boucher in Paris c. 1749. He subsequently won a Prix de Rome, and while in Italy (1756 ?C 61) he traveled extensively and executed many sketches of the countryside, especially the gardens at the Villa d Este at Tivoli, and developed a great admiration for the work of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. In 1765 his large historical painting Coresus Sacrifices Himself to Save Callirhoë was purchased for Louis XV and won Fragonard election to the French Royal Academy. He soon abandoned this style to concentrate on landscapes in the manner of Jacob van Ruisdael, portraits, and the decorative, erotic outdoor party scenes for which he became famous (e.g., The Swing, c. 1766). The gentle hedonism of such party scenes epitomized the Rococo style. Although the greater part of his active life was passed during the Neoclassical period, he continued to paint in a Rococo idiom until shortly before the French Revolution, when he lost his patrons and livelihood. . Related Artists to Jean Honore Fragonard : | GOES, Hugo van der | Marco Ricci | Mariia Konstantinovna Bashkirtseva | Erik Johan lofgren | NC Wyeth |




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