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Jean Clouet Francis i,King of France oil painting

Francis i,King of France
Painting ID::  40349
Artist: Jean Clouet
Painting: Francis i,King of France
Introduction: mk156 c.1530 Oil on panel 96x74cm








Jean Clouet Frans oil painting

Painting ID::  53769
Artist: Jean Clouet
Painting: Frans
Introduction: mk234 about 1525 97x73cm








Jean Clouet Portrait of Jean de Dinteville oil painting

Portrait of Jean de Dinteville
Painting ID::  63698
Artist: Jean Clouet
Painting: Portrait of Jean de Dinteville
Introduction: 1533 Chalk, 25,1 x 19 cm Mus?e Cond? Chantilly At about the same time, in 1533 Hans Holbein depicted Jean de Dinteville in his famous painting The Ambassadors (National Gallery, London).Artist:CLOUET, Jean Title: Portrait of Jean de Dinteville, Seigneur de Polisy Painted in 1501-1550 , French - - graphics : portrait








Jean Clouet Portrait of a Banker oil painting

Portrait of a Banker
Painting ID::  78353
Artist: Jean Clouet
Painting: Portrait of a Banker
Introduction: 1522(1522) Oil on panel 16 3/4 x 12 7/8 in. (42.5 x 32.7 cm) cjr








Jean Clouet Francis I of France oil painting

Francis I of France
Painting ID::  78597
Artist: Jean Clouet
Painting: Francis I of France
Introduction: 1530(1530) Medium Oil on oak panel Dimensions 96 x 74 cm (37.8 x 29.1 in) cyf








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     French Painter, ca.1485-1541 painter. He was chief painter to Francis I and produced many pastel portraits of members of the French court. Clouet was one of the best 16th-century portrait painters, both incisive and delicate in the psychological characterization of sitters. His drawings are simple, broad, and subtle; his paintings are fresh in colour, subdued in modeling, and minute in execution. He was celebrated in his lifetime as the equal of Michelangelo. His son Francois Clouet (c. 1515 ?C 72) took his place as official painter to Francis I in 1540. . Related Artists to Jean Clouet : | GELDER, Aert de | Amalia del Pilar de Borbon | Johann Georg Meyer | Jean - Andre Rixens | Marianne Stokes |




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