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James Ward Gordale Scat,Yorkshire (mk22) oil painting

Gordale Scat,Yorkshire (mk22)
Painting ID::  22810
Artist: James Ward
Painting: Gordale Scat,Yorkshire (mk22)
Introduction: 1811-1815 Oil on canvas,332 x 421 cm Bradford,Bradford Art Galleries and Museums








James Ward Nonpareil (mk25) oil painting

Nonpareil (mk25)
Painting ID::  24207
Artist: James Ward
Painting: Nonpareil (mk25)
Introduction: 1824








James Ward Napoleon's Horse,Marengo at Waterloo oil painting

Napoleon's Horse,Marengo at Waterloo
Painting ID::  28229
Artist: James Ward
Painting: Napoleon's Horse,Marengo at Waterloo
Introduction: 1824 Oil on canvas 81.8 x 109.7 cm (32 1/4 x 43 1/4 in) Alnwick Castle Northumberland (mk63)








James Ward Gordale Scar oil painting

Gordale Scar
Painting ID::  32788
Artist: James Ward
Painting: Gordale Scar
Introduction: mk81 1812-14








James Ward A Suffolk Punch oil painting

A Suffolk Punch
Painting ID::  45895
Artist: James Ward
Painting: A Suffolk Punch
Introduction: mk178 undatier oil on paper on linen 31.1x43.8cm








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     English Romantic Painter, 1769-1859 English painter and engraver. He was the most important animal painter of his generation. Many of his dynamic compositions depict horses, dogs or wild animals in agitated emotional states, the sense of movement being reinforced by vigorous brushwork and strong colours. With their sweeping landscapes and dramatic skies, his canvases epitomize Romanticism. Not content to excel merely as an animal painter, Ward also produced portraits, landscapes and genre and history paintings of varying quality. . Related Artists to James Ward : | Carl Johan Sjostrand | VASARI, Giorgio | BENING, Simon | Pierre Montallier | Francesco de mura |




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