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Hicks, Thomas Portrait of Edward Hicks oil painting

Portrait of Edward Hicks
Painting ID::  19071
Artist: Hicks, Thomas
Painting: Portrait of Edward Hicks
Introduction: 1850-52, oil on canvas








Hicks, Thomas Advocat Taylor with a View of Damascus oil painting

Advocat Taylor with a View of Damascus
Painting ID::  39908
Artist: Hicks, Thomas
Painting: Advocat Taylor with a View of Damascus
Introduction: mk155 Oil on canvas 62.5x75.5cm








Hicks, Thomas Das Konzert Barbierladen oil painting

Das Konzert Barbierladen
Painting ID::  45337
Artist: Hicks, Thomas
Painting: Das Konzert Barbierladen
Introduction: mk181 Trenton Falls 1866








Hicks, Thomas Beim Kalkulieren oil painting

Beim Kalkulieren
Painting ID::  45338
Artist: Hicks, Thomas
Painting: Beim Kalkulieren
Introduction: mk181 1844 Ol auf Leinwand 35.5x42.5cm








Hicks, Thomas Henry Abbott oil painting

Henry Abbott
Painting ID::  72801
Artist: Hicks, Thomas
Painting: Henry Abbott
Introduction: Date ca. 1854(1854) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 101 X 127.6 cm (39.76 X 50.24 in) cyf








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     American Painter, 1823-1890 Cousin of Edward Hicks. After being apprenticed (c. 1835-9) in the sign-painting shop of his cousin, he studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia (1839-40) and at the National Academy of Design in New York (1840-44). He then sketched and painted in England, Italy and France before becoming a student of Thomas Couture in Paris (1848-9). On his return to the USA in 1849, he established a studio in New York and quickly became a popular portrait painter, although his portrayals only rarely have enough psychological depth to make them of more than documentary interest. Hamilton Fish (1852; New York, City Hall) is among his stronger works. Hicks also painted genre subjects, such as Musicale: Barber Shop, Trenton Falls (1866; Raleigh, NC Mus. A.), and landscapes, the latter chiefly near Thornwood, his summer residence at Trenton Falls, NY. . Related Artists to Hicks, Thomas : | Vicente Carducho | Charles Green,RI | helga ancher | Caravaggio | James Ensor |




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