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Gentile Bellini Pieta oil painting

Painting ID::  41165
Artist: Gentile Bellini
Painting: Pieta
Introduction: mk157 c.1505 Wood 65x87cm








Gentile Bellini Pala di San Giobbe oil painting

Pala di San Giobbe
Painting ID::  41166
Artist: Gentile Bellini
Painting: Pala di San Giobbe
Introduction: mk157 c.1480 Oil on wood 471x258cm








Gentile Bellini Madonna of the Orange trees oil painting

Madonna of the Orange trees
Painting ID::  41167
Artist: Gentile Bellini
Painting: Madonna of the Orange trees
Introduction: mk157 1497-98 Wood 212x139cm








Gentile Bellini Madonna oil painting

Painting ID::  41187
Artist: Gentile Bellini
Painting: Madonna
Introduction: mk157 c.1475 Wood 75x50cm








Gentile Bellini Saints Christopher,Jerome,and Louis oil painting

Saints Christopher,Jerome,and Louis
Painting ID::  41197
Artist: Gentile Bellini
Painting: Saints Christopher,Jerome,and Louis
Introduction: mk157 1513 Wood 300x185cm








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     Italian c1429-1507 Gentile Bellini Gallery (b Venice, ?1429; d Venice, 23 Feb 1507). Painter and draughtsman, son of (1) Jacopo Bellini. An official painter of the Venetian Republic, he was a dominant figure in Venetian art for several decades in the latter half of the 15th century, known particularly for portraits and large narrative paintings in which the city and its inhabitants are depicted in great detail. . Related Artists to Gentile Bellini : | broderna von wrights | Baron Jean-Baptiste Regnault | BERRUGUETE, Pedro | Jean Baptiste Wicar | Robert Loftin Newman |




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