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Frederic Remington Apache Scouts Listening (mk43) oil painting

Apache Scouts Listening (mk43)
Painting ID::  25729
Artist: Frederic Remington
Painting: Apache Scouts Listening (mk43)
Introduction: 1908








Frederic Remington The Call for Help (mk43) oil painting

The Call for Help (mk43)
Painting ID::  25730
Artist: Frederic Remington
Painting: The Call for Help (mk43)
Introduction: c.1908 The Museum of Fine Arts,Houston








Frederic Remington The Stranger (mk43) oil painting

The Stranger (mk43)
Painting ID::  25732
Artist: Frederic Remington
Painting: The Stranger (mk43)
Introduction: 1908








Frederic Remington The Luckless Hunter (mk43) oil painting

The Luckless Hunter (mk43)
Painting ID::  25733
Artist: Frederic Remington
Painting: The Luckless Hunter (mk43)
Introduction: 1909








Frederic Remington The Corre-spondent (mk43) oil painting

The Corre-spondent (mk43)
Painting ID::  25734
Artist: Frederic Remington
Painting: The Corre-spondent (mk43)








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     American Painter and Sculptor, 1861-1909 American painter, sculptor, illustrator and writer. In 1878 he began his studies at the newly formed School of the Fine Arts at Yale University in New Haven, CT, remaining there until 1880. This, along with a few months at the Art Students League in New York in 1886, was his only period of formal art training. In 1881 he roamed through the Dakotas, Montana, the Arizona Territory and Texas to document an era that was fast vanishing. He returned east and in 1882 had his first drawing published (25 Feb) in Harper's Weekly. Further commissions for illustrations followed, including that for Theodore Roosevelt's Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail (New York, 1888) (see BOOK ILLUSTRATION, fig. 8). . Related Artists to Frederic Remington : | Gaudenzio Ferrari | j. beraud | Isenbrandt, Adriaen | Hermann Groeber | Julius Paulsen |




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